so stoked

since jp was diagnosed with add last year, we having been struggling with teachers in school. he has been in the japanese immersion program and was struggling in class. he was having trouble learning new vocabulary and new concepts at the same time, so he would get overwhelmed and literally shut down in class. we had a 504 plan hoping to have the teachers do something, anything, to help him, but the 504 does not change personalities, of teacher or student. he finished the year fine, but not succeeding the way we want him to. we moved to a new school district and new school. since the diagnosis we have been wishing that jp had a male teacher. hubsters had one that really helped him, and knows that a male influence in the classroom is HUGE for boys. we moved into a smaller elementary school and when we checked the fourth grade teacher list, of the 5 listed there was 1 MALE TEACHER!! we prayed and hoped that we would get him.
well we got the letter this week. jp has been assigned to the male teacher. so stoked!!!

baby e has not struggled the same way jp has, but he has some laziness issues. we found out that the chorister in church teaches 2nd grade in our school. again, got the letter this week and baby e has been assigned to the woman he already knows. he will see her 6 days a week. no hiding or shirking responsibilities for him now. she will crack the whip on him. she's been teaching 20+ years and is AWESOME!

God is good and answers prayers!!!!


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KickButtMommy said...

Having kids is so hard. It's a good thing we have a loving Father in Heaven watching out for them (and us).

Karin said...

So excited for you! Glad things are working out. Miss you!