food and sisters

as i strolled through target the other day i had forgotten what all the ingredients were for dinner that night. i had all of the interwebs in my hands to look up the recipe, but instead called each of my sisters (and each did not answer....ladies....). i started thinking about what the two had in common, and decided it was comfort. i knew that i could trust my sisters. i knew that if i talked to them i not only would get the right answer (thank you krinkle), but also not be embarrassed for being so brain dead. so today i thought i would share the simple recipe, with simple ingredients and simple comfort that food,and sisters, can bring. (oh, and was temple day :) )

sweet and sour sausage
(sisters are both sweet and sour...ok sister comparison done)
serves 6-8

slice 2 packages turkey kielbasa on the diagonal
put kielbasa in 1/2 cup water on medium high, covered
chop 1 onion, 1 green pepper and 2 celery stalks
add veggies to water after kielbasa has plumped
add one can diced tomatoes, drained
add one can tomato sauce
add one can chopped or crushed pineapple, drained ( we use crushed for texture reasons)
add 3 tablespoons brown sugar
add beef broth and pineapple juice in as liquid needed
simmer until heated all the way
serve over rice

voila' a perfect comfort food, sister style


myrtle budge said...

oh, that's why you called. you must have already bought everything. and by the way, I'm the tallest.

Christie Norris said...

I'm the strongest. But that's not the point.
My variation - no celery and no extra tomato sauce, just don't drain the canned tomatoes. Mandarin oranges can substitute for the pineapple if needed, and a little cornstarch mixed into the pineapple juice as you add it thickens it up.