case of the yucks

it was the christmas break of doctors. i've spent more time in a doctors office and waiting room in the past 2 weeks than i have in at least a year. the princess had a cough that would not go away. 5 weeks, 6 medicines, one nebulizer, $100+ and we are finally free of whatever cold/flu she had.
I can't say she hated he. she was proud of her darth vader mask. she loved the attention she got while doing the treatments. she got to sit on my lap, read books or watch a special show for the 10-20 minutes during treatments.
i've never had a child on a nebulizer before. i've never had to take a child to the doctor so much. we are so lucky! people do this all the time. we are so blessed to have healthy children and modern technology and care to help.


michelle said...

No fun. Elanor has a nebulizer, we use it periodically during the year for her asthma. Luckily now we have an inhaler with albuterol also, treatments go a lot quicker.

KickButtMommy said...

Poor girl (poor mama). Glad she is okay now. Darling haircut she has too.