things i dont want to forget

many things in life go fast. time, the fastest of them all. i love to keep track of some of the things my kids do that are funny by writing them in a little notebook, or in a file in my email box. it's a great reminder of the cute, or not so cute, things my kids say. here's a quick sampling:

jp - as an 8 year old, jp's humor is developing quite rapidly. however his joke telling prowess is not quite there yet. here's a recently told joke. "why did the chicken cross the road" "he wanted food on the other side" some jokes are better than others.....obviously.

baby e - jp burped and baby e turned to him and said "nice one! how'd it taste? jp responds "not bad. kind of like orange soda" baby e responds "cool. could be worse"
where do they come up with this stuff?

princess grace - she calls skirts - girks, when she wants to smell something at the store she will ask "mommy can i hmmmm that?" clearly everytime we smell something we say hmmmmm.

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