never give up

my sister, we'll call her myrtle budge, has a blog about her family life called, never give up. it's a family motto of sorts.
as mentioned in a previous post this sister and her family are hanging out with those of us living on the right coast, so we get to spend plenty of quality time together. our family is loving it. our activity of choice is the pool.
on myrtle's cleaning day, i got to hang out at the pool with the 2 kids who had done their chores, we'll call them megs and soul man. soul man and megs decided to jump off the diving board. soul man has a little daredevil streak and was doing flips, epic cannon balls and jack-knives. megs is way more cautious and generally does a basic jump off the board. well, with chanting and cheering from the peanut gallery, megs started to try and do a dive. she was not necessarily successful in a perfect dive, but what she was successful in doing was impressing me.
she continued to try to dive for 30 minutes. get up on the board, hearing words of advice from me and from a random girl, who apparently was a diver. she kept trying. she even got a bloody nose, wiped it off and kept right on trying.
she never did execute a dive worthy of greg louganis, but she managed to show that you never give up, and that sometimes children do listen to what you say.

never give up!


Christie Norris said...

Way to go to her!!
(BTW - I thought that was me in the picture at first - freaky!)

lea said...

Never give up. Even how difficult life is, continue moving on. Don't lose hope. Survive!