family bondage.....oops bonding

my sister and her 7 kids....that's right 7 kids.... are temporarily without living quarters (she likes to say homeless, cause as the middle child she needs the attention).
"temporary" meaning the entire summer.
what do you do when you have no place to live for an entire summer?
why what any sane person would do. load up your 7 kids in your suburban and drive across country to hang out with the east coast family (i say the better half, cause i'm the youngest child and drama comes naturally to me).
anyway at the end of this week, my brave sister will load 'em up and move 'em out for the summer adventure of a lifetime!

i am so excited!!!
a week at the outer banks followed by day trip adventures are sure to fill this summer with fun. my 3 and her middle 3 are close in ages, so a built in partner in crime will be so much fun. as a member of the east coast family we rarely get to hang out with the "mountain wac's" so again i say
i am so excited.

(i almost capitalized that sentence, but couldn't let my emotions show. )i'm the one in green and shes the one in stripes crossing her arms.
yes, were still that awkward.


myrtle budge said...

wouldn't it be fun to try and recreate that photo? I just want a shirt like that again.

Lina Ghayor said...

So fun ur blog !!
Love it

clara said...

you were a cutie when you where little!