see this....

this is my cordless phone from home hanging out on my wiper after driving around for roughly 20 miles.
it's that whole mom a.d.d. thing. you know what i'm talking about, right?

you go downstairs to pick up toys, and on the way down you spot clothes on the floor, so you pick them up and throw them in the washing machine, you change loads and you empty the lint trap, only to notice that your garbage can is overflowing so as you take the trash bag to the bin you see the kids' bikes are in the driveway, and as you start moving them you notice the grass needs to be mowed. bikes are put away, grass is cut, some laundry is done, never picked up the toys in the basement.

oh well.

as scarlett o'hara would say: "tomorrow is another day"

or maybe that's just me that has the disease?

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myrtle budge said...

all the time!!!