jp - my personal post

my little boy, jp.

he's so stinkin' smart. seriously smart. he knows he is, and that makes me happy.

however, this school year has been a difficult, trying journey for jp, and for us as his parents. he has a teacher that we do not like. i cannot even appreciate her. she just should not be teaching.

i know, i shouldn't hold back, right.

for 6 months we have been battling this said teacher over various things about school work. it all started after first quarter when the teacher essentially told us to have jp tested for add.

ok, fine testing, whatever, what are you going to do to help him?

well, we can help him as long as it's a confirmed diagnosis and not just you being bad parents.

(paraphrasing 6 months in 2 sentences makes it as little extreme)

we have a confirmed diagnosis. inattentive add and gifted.

as a parent this does not change anything. i know what works with him, and what doesn't.
now, convincing a bureaucratic group of women (7 to be exact) that we actually know our child, is a different story.

thank heavens he loses this teacher in 2 months. now for the next 10+ years.......


myrtle budge said...

in the late 1970's my husband was in resource and the gifted program - they didn't have initials back then and he hated his 2nd grade teacher. be strong - you know your child better than anyone.

shannon said...

"bad parent"? Not in the least. Keep up the good work. We love you guys.