after a long 8 days my stitches came out. yipee!my babysitter came this morning (thanks mom) and I took off to the doctor. it was the first time i had been alone in the car in nearly two weeks. i turned the radio off, and silenced my phone. i enjoyed the silence for about 10 minutes, and then i got bored. i'm so lame!
i was minutes late, but the nurse took me right in. i told her i had posted a picture on my blog and had my faithful blog readers count the stitches. she asked how many you all had guessed and i told her 14. she said, well that's a little low because i've already done 14 and i'm not done yet....gulp. she also said, "it's really quite big". yeah, thanks......i get that a lot.
the biopsy came back normal and i can resume some physical activities, but not full until 2-3 more weeks when the internal stitches have dissolved. sigh....
again for you voyeurs.....
look at that my hair is growing back in too! yay!

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