exciting lives

we live in a pretty good sized house. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms a family room/play room in the basement with a large screen tv and a kid friendly computer, and a living room/dining/kitchen combo with "spinny" chairs, yet where does everyone choose to hang out?.....

our bedroom!

i'm not sure why? could it be the large bed that everyone can fit on? the TV? The fact that we don't let them sleep here intrigues them? the yummy coconut lemongrass scentsy smell? who knows?

i could complain, but really is there anything better than just hanging out with your kids while they still want to? i think not

where does everyone congregate at your house?


hannahhosking said...

we used to hang out in my parent's room ALL THE TIME until they finally kicked us out and build a bedroom on the opposite side of the house up stairs that are more trouble than they're worth.

Christie Norris said...

We're in the kitchen a lot, although my kids don't really stay still long enough to stay in one place for long. The trail of toys goes throughout the entire house.