why must you taunt me? why must you ruin any healthy eating plans?
why must companies come out with new ways to torture me just when i have reestablished a new healthy routine?
why must said companies have a window to my soul?
am i that transparent?


A Year in the Life of..... said...

My theory is this..... Make yourself a small bowl (one you would give Sarah) and that is it. Allow yourself one small bowl a week, I promise it won't kill you and you will enjoy your treat. Why not start with fast Sunday treat after dinner. Hope you enjoy and not over-induledge!

myrtle budge said...

OK, so the only thing I could really focus on in the picture was the "TURKEY HILL" and I thought ooh gross, turkey ice cream?! It must be all that time I spent in Ephraim.

Lauren said...

Great. Now I am going to be wanting this all day. I must have it!