growing up

this week has had a lot of growing up going on.
signs we are growing up:

we got rid of our double stroller, baby clothes, baby toys and numerous items from the past.(craigslist is awesome!)

princess screech got a big girl car seat that will fit her for the next 6 years. this entailed getting rid of the car seat we bought when j was 11 months old.

baby e's paperwork for kindergarten is coming this week and his school doctor's appointment is scheduled. we still plan on being in our neighborhood, so the school will be the same.(fingers crossed)

the big growing up happened when our sweet neighbor boy noah taught j to ride a bike. we're not neglectful parents, just that friends sometimes have a much bigger influence on kids than we do. luckily it was a good influence this time.

indugle me......


Stacy Smith said...

I love it! Our oldest was taught to ride a bike by her cousin because Lauren wouldn't yell at Lisa when she let go. If Ralph or I tried to let go we had huge tantrums. Sometimes it is great when someone else takes over and helps us poor parents out.

Elise said...

No training wheels! Awesome. I learned without them too. He looks great on that bike.