family is an interesting thing isn't it. sometimes you think there is no way you could be related to that person and sometimes you see yourself reflected in them so much it's scary. being the youngest i grew up in a very different environment than my sisters and have never lived for any extended period of time around them. christie and i top out at 4 years - which seemed a lot longer for her. they were a rough 4 years. our family is not one of great communication nor of great tenderness. what we do have is an amazing connection. some connections are way too bizarre to even discuss or mention since most would not believe. family gives you a sense of community. someone who can understand you and can love you and overlook your inadequacies. we are a crazy bunch, but i love them all.

and to my sisters with whom i share a bizarre personal connection...are we done already? cause i can do without this!


myrtle budge said...

Are you trying to blame me. Because if you would just stop your thing then maybe I would be able to stop. It's totally all your fault!!! :)

Christie Norris said...

I'm not really feeling sorry for you. Join the rest of us!