end of the year wrap-up

if i was to not be so lazy and actually do a christmas card here's what it would say

it's over!

ok, so here's really what it was....

fortunately for us this year has been mostly uneventful. no moves, no babies and no job changes. that is not to say we have not had excitement. here’s our yearly overview:
todd— is still working at Core BTS. he has been promoted to senior project manager, and his “big boss” has now become the “really big boss” aka ceo. things at the company are changing, but are still strong, thanks to strong government spending :)
katrina—is teaching 14 students, and volunteering at schools whenever possible. she is adjusting to the new school schedules and loves hanging out with the kids.
james—started 1st grade doing japanese immersion. he speaks only Japanese in the morning and English only in the afternoon. his mom thinks he speaks “whine”-only during the evenings.
elijah—is doing preschool for the second year, and is loving every minute of it. he gets to have fun field trips and hang out with someone other than Mom
sarah—is all girl. her first words were dad, mom, james, Lijah and shoes. her first sentence was daddy!! shoes!! her nickname is princess screech, cause no one can touch that scream!
our vacation
we finally made a trek out to utah for thanksgiving. we had a fun time seeing most of their cousins, siblings and all sorts of in laws and out laws (all his side :) we vow to not take another 3 and a half years to go back out.
plans for the new year
we will be moving sometime in the Spring / Summer. we do hope to stay in the area, but with us we have wondering hearts so who knows where we will be. we are going to enjoy having a grandma and papa nearby while we can

best wishes for the new year!

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