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controversial or not sister beck always lays it out!

“In order to do our part as women under the Lord’s plan, we must stand strong and immovable in faith, strong and immovable in family, and strong and immovable in relief. We must excel in these three important areas which set us apart as the Lord’s disciples. Through Relief Society we practice being disciples of Christ. We learn what He would have us learn, we do what He would have us do, and we become what He would have us become.”

download the mp3 of this talk here

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The Queen Vee said...

I don't blogstalk, I leave comments. I happy to know that you have a blog.

My boys are slackers in the blogging, my daughters are on top of it. It's okay though because the boys blogs served there purpose and not the one they thought it was for.

I can see that I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog.