have i ever mentioned how much i adore preschool? i know that it is completely not necessary, and they might not learn as much there as they could at home, but i love it!!! i love to see my kids playing and learning along with others. i love that at our preschool they get to interact with other adults, and i love the fact that i can go to wegman's with only princess screech. sigh......preschool. ;0)


Jen said...

funny, funny picture! I agree, preschool totally rocks!

The Pedersens said...

Katrina, Looks Like you have a cute family. Too bad we have to find each other on the internet. Keep in touch on the blogs and someday maybe we will meet. Emily Pedersen

Anonymous said...

Apparently our cars haven't even left Virginia.

Can I call Ellie "Princess Screech"? Awesome. And I miss Wegmens. How will I get my truffle cheese?